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Invited to join UIC Build program


This is UIC

”We support innovative startups and growth companies within all industries in their efforts to commercialize, scale-up or reach an international market. The result is shorter time to market, and a more competitive company with a higher survival rate.

UIC is one of Sweden’s leading business incubators and accelerators and is ranked by UBI Global as the World Top 5 Public Business Incubator. We want to contribute to a development of more growth companies with high survival rate!

UIC takes no ownership in the UIC companies. In this way, UIC can act as an independent and focused partner.

Throughout our business development programs, we work closely together with the business sector. We have about twenty UIC partners, i.e. top notch service providers contributing to the development of UIC companies through seminars, individual coaching and direct services to the companies. UIC’s partner also contributes to the funding of UIC. Moreover, we have a large network of carefully selected business coaches from a wide range of industries all focused on helping UIC companies achieve their stated goals.

UIC is owned equally by STUNS, the municipality of Uppsala, SLU Holding, and Uppsala University Invest. UIC is a member of the trade association SISP and is also part of Vinnova’s program Innovation Support – Excellence. UIC is located in Uppsala.”

1 September 2022