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Cancer Therapies

Advancing high-risk tumor therapies

We are developing new cancer therapies for patients with high-risk tumors.

Our new Research

Twenty years of cancer research has generated potential candidate drugs that target the so called “undruggable” MYC, the main driver in more than 50% of all cancers.

  • Revolutionizing MYC drug discovery
  • Unleashing targeted cancer breakthroughs
  • Transforming undruggable challenges


years of experience in cancer research




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Message from the CEO

“We have paved the way by creating innovative methods!"

Developing therapy for the MYC protein poses a unique challenge. Despite the desire and importance, no one has succeeded with anti-myc therapy before, primarily due to the completely disordered structure of MYC, challenging conventional drug design. We have paved the way by creating innovative methods to identify inhibitors of MYC and our vision is to become world leaders in this field.

– Dr. Alina Castell, CEO of MyCural Therapeutics AB.

Targeting the MYC oncoprotein at MyCural Therapeutics

We have identified small molecule binders of MYC that selectively inhibit MYC in tumor cell lines.

Candidate drugs are now being developed by MyCural Therapeutics with the aim to present a new cancer therapy for patients with MYC-driven cancers and aggressive high-risk tumors.