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MyCural joined the UIC accelerator program


We’re delighted to share a major milestone in our journey – MyCural is now part of the UIC Accelerator program! This comes on the heels of successfully completing the UIC Build Program. We’re excited to continue our journey with UIC – Uppsala Innovation Centre

Why have we chosen to apply to this accelerator program? The UIC Accelerator is tailored for innovative growth companies like ours, poised to scale up operations and expand into international markets.

Personalized Business Coaching: As business owners and entrepreneurs, we are set to receive individualized business coaching from UIC, along with expert guidance from a carefully chosen business coach within the extensive UIC network.

Access to a Network of Experts: With approximately twenty UIC partners contributing services and expertise, we’re gearing up for unparalleled support and development.

Setting Goals for Growth: Together, we’ll define clear goals and milestones to fortify our company’s growth trajectory. The UIC Accelerator opens up its extensive network, sharing insights and expertise from UIC, business coaches, and partners, ensuring our business thrives quickly, securely, and sustainably. We’re incredibly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to leveraging the resources, expertise, and network that UIC brings to the table. Here’s to the next exciting phase of growth and achievement!

28 February 2024